About Us!

Rapture is Oxfordshire’s longest running independent record store, right in the centre of Witney.

Since we first opened our doors in June 2004 we’ve always done our best to supply the people of Witney with the best and most exciting new music on various formats, the biggest blockbusters on DVD & blu-ray… and if we don’t have it, we’ll always try and order it in for you!

Oxfordshire has always had a thriving music scene. And even in a small town like Witney, there’s always live music and events happening regularly. As the town’s independent record store, we feel it’s vital to keep the local music scene thriving. We’ve always encouraged bands to bring in their CDs, records and even tapes so that we can encourage customers to support them. We also sell tickets and advertise for the latest events happening in Oxfordshire.

Meet The Team!

So who are the faces behind all of this? Let’s meet them…

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