Amps & Speakers

Amps & Speakers


Pioneer A-10AE (£189.99)

Class leading, high quality sound. There are controls on the front for volume, bass, treble, balance and input source selection, as well as headphone socket. On the back there are phono and CD inputs, plus 3 additional line inputs.

Pro-ject Maia S2 Amplifier (£435)

Represents all that is good about modern hi-fi. It’s compact, powerful, feature-rich and elegant. Building on many years of success in the micro hi-fi realm it brings a DAC, a phono stage, a wireless recevier, a headphone amplifier and an integrated amplifier all into one compact unit.

Audiolab 6000-a Amplifier (£599)

An extremely versatile, high performing integrated amplifier. What Hi-Fi gave it a 5 star review and praised its “clear, refined and articulate sound” and “big, spacious presentation”. It has 4 digital inputs, 3 line level analogue connections, a phono input and Bluetooth. Come in and give it a try!

We also stock the Audiolab 6000 CD Transport (£379) and Music Streamer (£449).



Edifier R1280db Bluetooth speakers (£119.99)

A very versatile bookshelf speaker with a sound quality well above its price tag. Besides Bluetooth there are two RCA inputs so that you can also plug in a turntable, gaming device or TV for great sound quality. There are treble and bass controls to adjust the sound just how you like it. A very popular speaker option for turntables such as the Lenco L85. What Hi-fi gave it 4 stars, loving the “warm, smooth, enthusiastic sound” and “smart finish and build”. Available in two finishes, black and maple.

Edifier R1850db Bluetooth speakers (£159.99)

Active bookshelf studio speakers with Bluetooth. The total ouptut is 70w through 4 speaker drivers. Dual RCA inputs allow for connectivity to multiple music sources while the optical input ensures a great sound experience when connecting to a TV.

Edifier R2750db Bluetooth speakers (£219.99)

New in, these really pack a punch!

Mission QX range

Mission has over 40 years expertise in the creation of quality speakers. The QX range has striking looks and impressive performance.

Mission QX-1  standmount speakers (£249)

Mission QX-2  standmount speakers (£399)

Mission QX-3 Floor-standing speakers (£699)


Klipsch speaker range

Since 1946 Klipsch has been providing legendary sound through speakers, headphones and home audio.

Klipsch Reference R-51M speakers (£249)

Klipsch Reference R-41PM powered speakers (£399)

Klipsch Reference R-620F floor-standing speakers (£699)

And if you’re looking for something even more indulgent . . .

Wharfedale Linton Heritage Speakers (£999)

Wharfedale has brought its iconic 1960s speaker bang up to date with a brand new limited edition version.

The original Linton was well known for its warm, rich and natural sounding character and the new model adds an open, detailed performance that will have your collection sounding better than you’ve heard it before.

The matching wood stands (£279) complete the retro look and provide useful storage for !2″ albums.

Bundle together the speakers and stands for £1,099 (saving £179)

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