Record Store Day 2019

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We’re deep into preparations for this year’s Record Store Day on April 13th, the biggest and busiest day of the year for us and always a lot of fun! Below you’ll find a link to the official RSD 2019 product list which you can peruse to whet your appetite before the big day.

RSD 2019 Stocklist Printable

We’ve placed all our orders now and the stock will be starting to arrive any time soon, thanks to everyone who sent us their ‘wants lists’, we’ve done our best to ensure we have plenty of stock of all the most requested titles and have ordered everything y’all have asked for!
Feel free to keep sending us your wants using the Email form at the bottom of the page, we occasionally get an opportunity to top-up our orders if not all the stock has been allocated.

With over 500 titles there really is something for everyone so we hope you get what you want! We will opening our doors especially early at 8AM, it’s up to you what time you start queueing but keep in mind on previous years we have had a pretty sizeable queue from at least 6AM! For those who will be coming to us for the first time you should know we operate a staggered queue system through the morning, all the RSD stock is displayed upstairs and we let a comfortable number of folks into the section to browse at a time. This means it may be a bit of a wait in the queue but is the fairest way to ensure things stay civilised!

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While you wait we have put together a fiendishly fun quiz for y’all to tackle and keep the grey matter ticking over, while also being in with a chance to win some awesome prizes… From tickets to Rapture merch and more!

Just a reminder of the rules of RSD; Customers are limited to one copy of a title each, although of course you can buy as many different titles as you like. There’s no reservations and everything is first-come first-served. Most important of course is to enjoy yourself and chat with fellow music lovers! It’s always endearing to see folks helping each other locate the records they’ve been discussing in the queue, RSD is as much about the community around record stores as it is stacks of lovely limited records!

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If you find that we have sold out of what you’re after however all hope may not be lost! There’s often stock leftover at the record companies which we can try to get in, also once the day is over we can transfer stock between our 2 stores so may well be able to source the title for you… We will have a requests list behind the counter operating a similar ‘first-asked’ system so do ask!
As-well as all the lovely vinyl we will have DJs playing upstairs to keep your energy levels up on what promises to be a fantastic day! Seeya on the 13th


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