The recent resurgence in vinyl has prompted a similar interest in turntables. Some people do buy vinyl for the artwork, but for those of us wanting to actually listen to the records there is now a bewildering array of equipment available. To make life simple we have hand-picked a range of models which we believe provide outstanding value for money, from entry level right through to award-winning “hi-fi” brands.


Entry level

At the enry-level we have a couple of models by Steepletone and one from Dual which offer portable, plug-in and play options, ideal for newcomers to vinyl and those who might not have a lot of room to store a full hi-fi deck.

Unlike similar priced suitcase-type models, our two Steepletones (the SRP025 at £59.99 and the SRP030 at £69.99) have detachable speakers which offer a full sound and greater flexibility.



The Dual Mtr-10 (£69.99) is a very retro-looking unit which even has a built-in stereo FM radio!




Going up a level we have the Lenco L85 (£119.99). This funky looking turntable earned a 4 star review from What Hi-Fi magazine, no mean feat for a so-called budget model. It has it’s own pre-phono stage which means you can connect it directly to active speakers without having to buy an amplifier. It also has a USB output which means you can copy your much loved vinyl to digital formats.


The Dual MTR-15 (£124.99) is fully automatic (i.e. you just need to push a button to start the record spinning and lift the stylus onto it). It too has a pre-phono stage so you won’t need an amplifier, and it has a USB output allowing you to digitise your vinyl.


By the way, both of these models team up very nicely with our Edifier R1700BT multimedia speakers (£119.99). So for a total cost of less than £250 you can have a modern high quality sounding system to play your vinyl on.


Top of our range 

For those wanting an even more enjoyable listening experience, we stock several models that will fit the bill.

Pro-Ject Primary (£189 and £239)

What Hi-Fi gave this a 5 star review, noting its easy set-up and  “clean, balanced and up-for-it sound”. It is available in two versions: the standard model at £189 and an enhanced model which has its own pre-phono stage (no need for an amplifier) and USB output. This model sells for £239.


Dual MTR-40 (£229.99)

This model has variable speed pitch control allowing you to alternate from standard play, and a quartz direct drive motor with a high quality Audio Technica cartridge. With a distinctive “S” shaped arm it bears more than a passing resemblance to the classic Technics SL1200 turntable.

Dual MTR-40 USB Turntable-500x500

Pro-Ject Essential III (£239)

This is Pro-ject’s new and improved version of the award winning Essential II. A very stylish turntable which comes complete with the high quality Ortofon  OM 10 cartridge as standard.


Rega Planar 1 (£245)

The latest version of Rega’s best-selling turntable was given a 5 star review by What Hi-Fi magazine, as well as the accolade of “Best turntable under £500”. It’s very user-friendly and can be set up in seconds after unpacking. Sounds really good too!


Dual MTR-75 (£249.99)

This is a fully automatic turntable, with it’s own pre-phono stage, so no need for an amplifier. Hi-Fi World magazine gave it a 5 star review, describing it as “outstanding” and saluting its “smooth yet dynamic sound”. It also has USB output so you can copy your vinyl into digital formats.


Pro-Ject Vertical Bluetooth (£379)

For those with an eye for something a little bit different, this fabulous vertical turntable mixes the vintage appeal of vinyl with cool looks and modern technology. It has it’s own pre-phono stage and Bluetooth, so no need for an amplifier or speaker cables. It can even be wall-mounted. WIth a quality Ortofon cartridge supplied it sounds as good as it looks.



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