The recent resurgence in vinyl has prompted a similar interest in turntables. Some people do buy vinyl for the artwork, but for those of us wanting to actually listen to the records there is now a bewildering array of equipment available. To make life simple we have hand-picked a range of models which we believe provide outstanding value for money, from entry level right through to award-winning “hi-fi” brands.

Our entry level

The Lenco L85 (£119.99) is a funky looking turntable which earned a 4 star review from What Hi-Fi magazine, no mean feat for a so-called budget model. It has it’s own pre-phono stage which means you can connect it directly to active speakers without having to buy an amplifier. It also has a USB output which means you can copy your much loved vinyl to digital formats.



By the way, this model teams up very nicely with our Edifier R1280db multimedia speakers (£119.99). So for a total cost of less than £230 you can have a modern high quality sounding system to play your vinyl on.


The Audio-Technica AT-LP3  (£199) is a fully automatic turntable, the winner of What Hi-Fi’s “Best turntable under £200” award in 2017. It too has it’s own pre-phono stage so you don’t have to buy a separate amplifier, but you can switch this off if you want to run it through the phono input on an amplifier instead, giving you great versatility.

Connnect this to a pair of Edifier R1850db speakers (159.99) for a fantastic sounding system.

Top of our range 

For those wanting an even more enjoyable listening experience, we stock several models that will fit the bill.

Pro-Ject Primary (£189 and £239)

What Hi-Fi gave this a 5 star review, noting its easy set-up and  “clean, balanced and up-for-it sound”. It is available in two versions: the standard model at £189 and an enhanced model which has its own pre-phono stage (no need for an amplifier) and USB output. This model sells for £239.


Pro-Ject Essential III (£239)

This is Pro-ject’s new and improved version of the award winning Essential II. A very stylish turntable which comes complete with the high quality Ortofon  OM 10 cartridge as standard.


Rega Planar 1 (£249)

The latest version of Rega’s best-selling turntable was given a 5 star review by What Hi-Fi magazine, as well as the accolade of “Best turntable under £500”. It’s very user-friendly and can be set up in seconds after unpacking. Sounds really good too!



Pro-Ject Vertical Bluetooth (£379)

For those with an eye for something a little bit different, this fabulous vertical turntable mixes the vintage appeal of vinyl with cool looks and modern technology. It has it’s own pre-phono stage and Bluetooth, so no need for an amplifier or speaker cables. It can even be wall-mounted. WIth a quality Ortofon cartridge supplied it sounds as good as it looks.



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